Today, several members of a Pakistani family of a 67 year old woman killed by a drone, traveled to Congress to speak about the horrors of the Drone Strikes devastating their country, and the personal effects that these strikes have had on them, killing their mother and grandmother. Speakers included children under the age of 10, who’ve witnessed the drone strikes first hand, and saw their grandmother killed by a drone.
ONLY FIVE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS ATTENDED THIS HEARING. Attending members were all Democrats: Rush Holt of New Jersey, Jan Schakowsky of Illinois, John Conyers of Michigan, Rick Nolan of Minnesota, and Grayson, of Florida, the person responsible for inviting the family to Washington and for holding the hearing.
The translator for the family was even said to have broke down in tears while translating the stories and pleading made by the family on behalf of their deceased mother/grandmother and their people in Pakistan.
Missing from the briefing on Tuesday was the account of Shahzad Akbar, an international critic of US drone policy as well as the family’s lawyer, he was refused a Visa for the third time. 
Article: http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2013/10/29/congress-to-hearfromdronesurvivorsforfirsttime.html

Oh hell no. 
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